Friday, February 28, 2014

Things I want to remember

J likes to make up his own words.  One of my favorites is "versing" as in "We were versing the red team in soccer."  He also likes "battling" as a soccer term.

M has bad dreams often lately.  Some of them involve dragons:  A dragon came into her room and said he was hungry, so she went down to the kitchen and brought him a cookie.  One dream apparently was just her having to take a shower.  That's it.  Next time she had a bath, she made me promise never to make her shower.

C got a motion detector socket for Christmas and startled us repeatedly by setting it up in unsuspected rooms.  You would walk in and lights would come on automatically.  It burned out already though.  :(

S and J rarely play video games, but they like to play with their babysitter - our neighbor who is 17.  S came upstairs the day after they'd played with him and said, "I have to call Joseph."  And he did!  To my knowledge, S has never made a phone call before, but I showed him the number and he just called him up, told him they were stuck, and invited him to come over and help them.  And he did!  Thanks, Joseph!

J likes to sing along when he's practicing the piano.  It's very fun.  He sings in the bathroom, too.  I'm careful never to mention that we can hear him.

M loves the movie Cinderella but when she pretends, she's never Cinderella, she's always one of the mice.  Sometimes I get to be Cinderella but usually, I'm one of the mean stepsisters or Lucifer the cat. :)  I also get to be the mean old witch and she's my cat (from a Joy School Halloween song) or I'm a pirate and she's the pirate's pet.  It smooths over a lot of pretending games because she's the only one who wants to be the pet!

C set up his own radio station a couple of weeks ago.  He took over all the radios in the house and spent days broadcasting, including weather reports and news blurbs.  It was pretty fun, but he needs a broader repertoire of songs....

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