Monday, May 26, 2014

Just something

I did a search this morning for "day dress with sleeves."  This is what came up:

Is finding something with sleeves really so hopeless?  Or perhaps my computer is channeling Memorial Day....

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day

Do you remember when you were a kid and you only saw your mom as Your Mom?  And then you grew up and realized she is a real person with real feelings and a past that *gasp* did not include you?  Yes, it's nice to come through to the other side and get to know and understand your mom better from an adult's perspective.  One thing that helped me over the years was going through family photos and not only hearing stories but seeing my mom as a real person.  Here are a few of my favorites:

In front of their house (or possibly her grandparents' house) in Denver in 1944. She would have been four years old. 

The little accordion!  I love it!

Mom at the Grand Canyon in 1948.  They lived mostly in the southwest while she was a child.  My grandpa loved taking pictures.  My mom says he would often make her stand in precarious places for the best shot.  
This was taken at Bear Lake when my parents were engaged, spring 1964.  My mom's hair.  I adore it.  She got teased a lot about being a redhead, though.

My parents coming out of the temple after they were married.  Looks like back in 1964 they didn't make quite the production out of weddings that we do.  They just look so fresh and happy.

This is fall of 1964, I think.  My mom with her father-in-law and two new siblings-in-law at the farm in Idaho.  I don't know why I like this one so much, but I feel like I can almost tell what my mom's thinking in this photo.  

My mom expecting her first child in 1966.  She always dresses so classy. 

 Our family with the Luke grandparents in 1978.  This is the mom of my childhood, the mom I remember.
Happy Mother's Day, Mom!

Thursday, May 8, 2014


I know, I've been MIA lately.  It's suddenly been very busy around here!  I did celebrate a birthday last week and as a gift, C made me a video.  It is awesome.  I will try and figure out how to put it on here.  He even did an outtake reel.  He cracks me up.

So I have not "worked"  - as in a paid job - since I was expecting J.  Yes, that's approximately nine years ago.  Last year, I earned my first dollars since then doing some accompanying work - once for violin students, once for a vocalist, and once for a saxophonist.  Last week, someone commissioned me to make more mermaidens (I sold these at the school auction).  Who would have guessed that I would end up making money on the two things I resisted learning most as a teenager?  Sewing and piano.  Ha! 

We had a LOT of rain last week.  A LOT.  There was some serious flooding around here.  It was pretty exciting.  The boys' dam filled up and someone really loved jumping in the reservoir. 

 She adores these boots.  She wears them pretty much every day.  I will be so sad when she outgrows them.

Friday, May 2, 2014


So C discovered someone had been sneaking Easter candy and left the wrappers behind the pedestal sink in the powder room.  He decided to set up a sting.  He put a motion sensing camera in the bathroom and waited.  And it worked!  He got a picture of the culprit!  You better watch out, trying to sneak candy at our house.  You never know who's watching....