Thursday, May 8, 2014


I know, I've been MIA lately.  It's suddenly been very busy around here!  I did celebrate a birthday last week and as a gift, C made me a video.  It is awesome.  I will try and figure out how to put it on here.  He even did an outtake reel.  He cracks me up.

So I have not "worked"  - as in a paid job - since I was expecting J.  Yes, that's approximately nine years ago.  Last year, I earned my first dollars since then doing some accompanying work - once for violin students, once for a vocalist, and once for a saxophonist.  Last week, someone commissioned me to make more mermaidens (I sold these at the school auction).  Who would have guessed that I would end up making money on the two things I resisted learning most as a teenager?  Sewing and piano.  Ha! 

We had a LOT of rain last week.  A LOT.  There was some serious flooding around here.  It was pretty exciting.  The boys' dam filled up and someone really loved jumping in the reservoir. 

 She adores these boots.  She wears them pretty much every day.  I will be so sad when she outgrows them.

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