Sunday, April 27, 2014


We did all the traditional things for Easter, including coloring eggs, hunting them in the backyard, going to church, and eating ham for Sunday dinner.  I really need to come up with something unique for our Easter celebrations.

We didn't have much luck with Easter photos, alas.

Monday, the boys also had school off so we drove out to Harper's Ferry, WV.  We hired a tour guide for G's parents and friends of theirs who are missionaries nearby while G took the kids around on their own tour.  He had done the full tour with the Boy Scouts a couple of years ago.  I love Harper's Ferry.  It's got a long and interesting history, the scenery is gorgeous and there are a variety of options of things to do, depending on the attention span of your kids!  Plus, as the guide said, up to 100 trains a day come through and our kids LOVED that.

Watching the train

From Jefferson Rock

We decided to stop by Antietam on the way back.  I remember it being doable in a short time, but that's because the last time we went, there was no M and the boys were really little so we just let them run around outside.  There is a nice visitor's center with a small museum and an audio tour that would be fun to do, but everyone was tired by then, so we watched a film in the visitor's center, walked around outside for a bit to look at monuments and cannons, then drove over to the observation tower.  I just realized I took the other pictures there with my phone, so this is it:
They were pretty tired by the time we got home, but I'm really glad we went.  I'm looking forward to more adventures this summer, now that we have no naps and no diapers to contend with!

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  1. I love reading about your family's antics :) Personally I think the Easter egg hunt is delightful, one reason I try to go to my sisters' for Easter every year. If you really want to change up Easter a little, my brother-in-law always makes a Greek meal for Easter - lamb, green salad with Greek dressing, stuffed grape leaves (not sure the official name but there was rice and lemon involved), and a roasted potato/squash thing that was delicious. You have a whole year to prepare! :)