Thursday, November 6, 2014


I was let off easy for Halloween this year.  The middle two wanted to be astronauts:  costumes already made.  The oldest took care of his own and the youngest wanted to be an Egyptian.  I don't know where that came from.  I was guessing some kind of animal, but she stuck with the idea for three weeks.  That's like 50 years translated into adult time reckoning.

So I poked around my stash of fabric and craft miscellany and .... I'm not sure whether to be pleased or embarrassed, but I had almost everything I needed already.

I found a scarf at the thrift store for $.85 and a few jewels on clearance for $.70 and we were done!  It was actually very fun to make, too. 

After a trunk or treat at the church and trick or treating in our neighborhood, we have enough candy to last for about 27 years.

And C didn't even go out!  He manned the door instead with his surveillance equipment set up to alert him when trick-or-treaters were coming and his spooky music wafting through carefully arranged speakers in the front yard.  He's hoping to add a fog machine next year.  :)


  1. I loved all three costumes! And I LOVE how C is always so there with making the technical stuff fun. I hope he always keeps that.