Thursday, April 16, 2015

Princess Leia

M is obsessed with Star Wars these days.  Black still comes in handy because she can be Darth Vader, but she really loves Princess Leia - with good reason!  If she's going to like a princess, Leia is a good choice.  :)

The problem for me is the hair.  Leia has amazing hair, and M has gone from wanting nothing done with her hair to wanting Leia buns or braids.  The only thing that saves me is her imagination which takes this:

and turns it into this:

Here, half-finished Hoth braids (she only has so much patience for braiding....) 

becomes this:

And even this....

which really looks nothing like Leia's throne room hair...

was acceptable.  Whew.  Unfortunately, The Return of the Jedi is next on our viewing list and that will give me a whole slew of other hairstyles for her to request.

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