Thursday, January 23, 2014


Back in the day, an oral spelling test was a spelling bee.  In the middle school, it's now a Spelldown!  More exciting?  More hip?  More reality TV?  I don't know.

Anyway, C came home from school a couple of weeks ago and said he was late to his 7th period class.  This is EXTREMELY unusual.  I questioned him.  Turns out, they had a spelling test in English.  Those who missed 8 or less got to come up to the front of the class for the oral spelldown.  There were 8 kids and C was the last in line.  The teacher gave them the first word.  Every student missed it except C.  He won!  :)  He got called down to the office for pictures with other class winners and hence was late for his last class.

So last night, I checked my email and there was a message from the middle school.  In spite of the weather delays, they were still holding the school spelling bee Thursday evening for the class winners.  Ummm.... There was a school-wide spelldown?  Hmmm....  So I showed the email to C and asked if he was supposed to participate.  He looked slightly guilty and said, "I think there was a form.  Didn't I give you a form?" which of course, he hadn't. 

No surprises there.  Standing up in front of a whole crowd of strangers?  All focusing on him?  Under pressure to spell random words out loud?  Sounds like his worst nightmare.  It must have been to make my almost perfectly obedient son deliberately "lose" his permission form...

So we will not be attending the festivities tonight, but C is content with his brush with spelling glory.


  1. that's awesome! Way to go!! What a sneaky kid :)

  2. Do you remember "Peter Potts," the Clifford B. Hicks book Mom and Dad had (probably still have on the bookshelf in the downstairs family room)? The spelling bee was called a "spelldown" (or "speldown") in that book, which was published in 1971.