Saturday, June 13, 2015

It's Great to be 8!

Our S turned eight last month and was baptized today!  

* Still says a few of his own words, such as "tooken" instead of taken.  I will be sad when those disappear completely.

* Loves math.  It's still his favorite subject, but he did a seminar on archaeology last fall and I think that was his favorite one last year.  

* Finally learned to trust himself riding his bike a few weeks ago and he adores it.  Sometimes, I have to double-check he's made it home from school because he heads straight to the garage for his bike.

* Still loves his cars.  We have so many Matchbox cars, it's embarrassing, but I've tried to pare down the collection, and he knows them all!  

* He loves real cars, too.  Sometimes, he'll make a chart with makes of cars and sit in our front window and mark which cars drive by.  C made him a version on the computer, so now he takes it when we drive places and keeps track of which cars we see.  Future statistician?

* Had a long term sub in his second grade class because his teacher had a baby, and he adored her.  It was so cute.  He even got up the courage to invite Mrs. Ryerson to his baptism.

* Actually asks if he can help weed.  He really likes helping in the yard and hearing about the different plants and how they grow.  I still miss having him around in the spring to help me during the day.  

* Is very precise.  He has a set routine for jobs/getting ready for school and has it timed to the minute.  Now that he has his own watch, he times everything.

* He still loves geography, too.  When he's angry, he'll start naming all the countries in South America, then North America, and on and on until he calms down.  Once, he got halfway through Asia before he was himself again.  Nothing gets him out of a serious funk faster than me intentionally misnaming a country.  :)

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