Sunday, January 24, 2016

Snowzilla or Blizzard: 2016

Some memories of our 2016 blizzard, so far.....

We spent most of it sitting in the front window, watching, or playing games....
(turns out M's pretty good at Monopoly Deal - or really lucky)

reading Harry Potter, aloud to the whole family, or solo, when everyone else has gone to bed.....

baking... This is M's breadstick.  Can you tell what it is?  We also have made cinnamon rolls and zepolli (Italian doughnuts) so far.  The hunkering down seems to call for baking.

making crazy bets....
(His dad offered him a penny per second to stand in the snow barefoot.  He thought it would be easy.  He lasted 18 seconds -- and only to beat S's 14 second record.)  

and making other videos, which I have to figure out how to download, since I haven't blogged for so long!

The light was awesome this morning, but I didn't get great photos of it.  We measured, after it settled, and got between 17-31" in various places, not counting the drifts against the house. In the back, last night:

I think we were a little sheltered from the wind because across the street, our neighbors have huge drifts and roofs threatening avalanche.

This morning, they mostly wanted to sled in the back and build snow caves instead of digging us out, but right now, the boys are enthusiastically shoveling our neighbor's driveway, so my heart is happy.

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  1. That's a crazy amount of snow! But sounds like you've had a lot of fun, despite being snowed in. I'm guessing I know whose cold feet those are :).