Thursday, March 13, 2014

4 Years Old

M has been sooooo excited for her birthday.  She's been bouncing with joy whenever she thinks about it.  Her birthday fell on a Sunday this year, which turned out to be perfectly lovely.  Everyone got out of bed and ready for church without complaining (a little gift to me!).  The Primary sang to her, which she loved. 

We opened her presents early because we had company coming later.  She really, really wanted a dragon car to match S's and by sheer luck (or perhaps it was a tender mercy?) I found one at Target.  She was clearly thrilled with her presents. 

She wanted pancakes for dinner, so we invited the sister missionaries to share them with us - one of whom shares M's birthday.  (Happy birthday, Sis. Cox!)
We asked a couple of neighbor families to join us as well so we wouldn't have to eat two cakes by ourselves.  C set up a slideshow of baby pictures for everyone to enjoy.
M wanted a dragon cake, so this is what I came up with.  (FYI:  If you want to make a dragon cake, I suggest you do NOT check Pinterest for ideas.  Anything you do after that will be a let down... :) )


  1. She is such a joy! And when she learns to read, have I got a book for her! The Enchanted Forest series - four books. The first one is about a princess who ends up working for a dragon. I may have to lend it to you.

  2. Can't believe she is FOUR!! Happy birthday, not so baby M!

  3. Happy birthday! She looks SO happy! The cake turned out nicely! And, I love her skirt :).

  4. Happy birthday, M! It looks like you had a great day!