Friday, March 21, 2014


I have a problem with accumulating fabric.  I have so much fabric.  And I have a hard time throwing away scraps even because I think I will - and often do - use them for projects.  I made some mermaidens for a school auction and used up some of it, but I've had a stack of flannel and fleece staring at me for weeks and I finally made time to do something with it. 

Mostly, I turned it into baby blankets for friends and for Project Linus.  But one piece I decided to use to make M some pajamas.  Does she need more pajamas?  No.  But really, flannel covered in cats?  Who could resist? 
I couldn't find my pattern that I normally use, but after a quick online search found this awesome tutorial for making pj pants without a pattern.  Seriously, it's genius.  Her folding idea is genius.  If I hadn't waited to make sure of M's waist size, I really could have had them done in 15 minutes.  Since I waited, M had to help pull out pins, press the pedal for me, and push the back button.  That stretched the total time out a bit.... but it was worth it.  She feels like she made them, too, and she loves them.
I even got ambitious and did a little applique on an undershirt, even though I didn't really have the right materials.  It turned out pretty cute.  Maybe I'll have to learn to do it for real.

You can sort of see the shirt.  She wasn't being very cooperative...

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  1. Pajamas with cats? Oh yes, those are a MUST! :D And she looks freaking adorable in them!