Monday, March 17, 2014

Leprechaun Trap

S's 1st grade class built leprechaun traps this year.  To say he was excited about it is an understatement.  Lucky and Lucy the Leprechauns have been visiting their class each night, causing trouble.  Every afternoon, he came home and discussed with J what he could do against sprites who could tip over the teacher's chair and write on the chalkboard.

He put the bottles on there, hoping the leprechauns would slip and fall in.

I was proud of him because he took the initiative on the whole project.  All I did was tell him where the big cereal box was and find him green paper.  He designed and built the whole thing without even needing to be reminded.

The gold is to lure him in and the tape so that he'll get stuck.
We sent it in on Friday, not trusting it to survive the weekend unscathed, only to have school cancelled today because of a snow storm!  S was glad to know that if the leprechauns made it through the snow, his trap would be there to catch them.  :)  For a boy who doesn't believe in Santa and doubts the Tooth Fairy's existence, he has become surprisingly enamored of leprechauns!

Speaking of snow, here are a few photos from this morning.  We got about 8" overnight and this morning.  Crazy.

Lots of perfect snow flakes fell while we were shoveling.  I wish I had a macro lens to capture them.  We had lots of fun looking for different kinds.
It was perfect snow for sledding.  They made the track slick enough to ride all the way into the front yard.  Fun but I admit I'm hoping this is the LAST snow storm this winter! 

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  1. Great looking trap, S! Did the leprechauns make it to your house? That is a lot of snow! You may have had more inches fall this winter than we have.