Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day!

To all the dads out there!  I feel so blessed to associate with so many fantastic dads.  There are so many men out there doing a GREAT job and making a positive impact on the children in their lives.  Of course my own dad ranks among them. 
In honor of the day, here are a few photos of my dad....
taking a snooze with Jeff (c. 1974)
with Jim on the day of his baptism in 1975 (nice suit, Jim!)

with me at the hospital, summer 1975 

with another patriarch of the family, my dad's grandfather Melvin, about 1976

fox hunting with his brother, Tom

a newly minted Ph.D., 1968

a newly minted father, 1966 (Harold Dean on left, Dad, Melvin, and Lowell Luke, holding Dave)

c. 1968 again

I think this is when Jeff turned 12 and was ordained a deacon (c. 1982)

with Matt in 1982 

helping Deans build a new addition on their house in Ogden.  This is so my dad.

doing something up on the roof with the two boys.  This probably gave my mom a heart attack.  I remember going up on the roof with him, too.  It was fun. :)
Happy Father's Day, Dad!  Thanks for being such a great example of faith, applied intelligence, hard work, usefulness and humility.

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