Monday, June 16, 2014


This plant makes me happy:

I almost ripped this peony out a few years ago because it kept getting powdery mildew and wasn't blooming, but I sprayed and pruned and fought it until I think I've figured out how to keep it healthy.  Now, the blooms are huge and gorgeous every spring.  It always amazes me that I can cut it down to nothing and every spring, it grows like crazy again. I might plant another one, they're so lovely.

For Memorial Day, I tried making these patriotic parfaits.  They weren't quite what I envisioned, but everyone liked them and ate them, and I call that a success.

In other spring-related events, we attended seminary graduation for four graduates in our ward.  They are celebrating four years of attending 5:45am classes every school morning.  They are amazing.  Two of these four are among the last of my own "seminaries" (as my kids called them).  Sometimes I miss teaching that class - but not at 5:00am.  :)

 Spring also means the return of the libraries.  Somehow, they forget about this game during school, but about this time of year, they build their own branches of the library.  I love how it brings out their personalities, like S's obsession with order....

He started a summer reading program too.  :) 

 And C's electronics (his library has ambient music and a computerized checkout system)...

And J's library has a play zone and offers prizes for the person checking out the most books. 
M is usually the pet who visits the libraries. :)

Spring means the end of Joy School, the coop preschool we've done with M this year.  She loved it.  I taught the last week and the kids found this toad in our backyard. 

These awesome moms were my co-teachers this year.  I have so loved getting to know them better and knowing that M was in great hands with her first preschool experience.  She says A (in the stripes) was her favorite teacher and I was her second favorite.  :)

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